Exclusive Savings from Staffmark and Verizon Wireless

Staffmark is excited to announce that we have partnered with Verizon Wireless to offer all Staffmark employees a 15% discount off your Verizon Wireless Monthly Access charge. You can sign up for the discount whether you are a new or existing Verizon Wireless customer.

As a Staffmark employee, you can sign up with Verizon Wireless and take advantage of a 15% discount off your Verizon monthly access fees and a 25% discount off eligible Verizon Wireless accessories.

If you are already signed up for one of Staffmark's paperless pay programs (direct deposit or paycard), click here to access MyStaffmark.

If you have not signed up for one of our paperless pay programs, you can click here to download a form from Verizon. Once completed, fax the form and a copy of your most recent Staffmark paystub to Verizon Wireless to set up your account. The fax number and instructions are located on the form.

Take advantage of these great discounts with Verizon Wireless and start saving money today!